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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Update/ Sibling Emotions

Hello All,

This week you can join us at play at our Tuesday evening play group of Conscious Conversations with Janet. We access heart centered awareness and allow for our internal dialogues to verbalize. We throw in potential and allow for wonder to happen. Open to all who are looking for clarity in their lives. 7-9pm. Or you can join us in play if you have Matrix Energetics training on Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. Please RSVP for either if you can, and last minute is always welcomed.

Emotions are still dancing around coming up from the deep. Emotions are the flavors and colorations of life that form our biases and subsequent experiences so they are vital. Emotional turmoil is both exciting and challenging at times. What is especially great is now we have ways of dealing with emotions that are useful to changing the stuckness that often binds us up. Consciousness technologies like EFT and ME and others allow for new relationships to these often pesky things.

In group we played this time with how we relate to our siblings and the stuck emotional resonances that might be active. A lot of sister/sister this time. (the week before it was daughter/mother) You throw in older/younger, competition, mom or dad liked you better, i do this, you do that, etc., etc., and you can get a lot of juicy suppressed energies.

Dynamics and quantum entanglement being what they are it doesn't matter if you didn't have a sister or if you aren't female. You tracked these energies when you were young. Maybe at your current age it is wife and her female contacts. Could have been your aunt and mother, mother and her mother, mother and her mother-in-law. They are flavoring how you hold feminine energies in your field. Women would seem to be different from men in tonal and vibrations levels. We deal with things differently.  But we are full of each influences. Just all part of the spectrum to me.

We were able to clear much. Holding in conscious awareness our rapport with each other and feeling the shifts energetically as these life long patterns talk with us is always so rewarding. There is no reason to be stuck or feel stuck in old limiting relationships when you use awareness well. It is just a matter of playing with the patterns within the patterns at times, in a different reality set. If it is just story, just issue, just some thing then the awareness that it is just information following in resonances and patterns is an easy next step. And, we can then maybe not feel we can change circumstances but we can certainly relate to our experiences differently.

What would it be like to have a different sense of yourself in relation to your sister? Or brother? Or Mother? Or Father? Drop into heart centered awareness, out of your thinking, rationalizing, reasoning, validating mind. Go beyond your emotional heart sense, further into the field of Unified Consciousness and observe your emotional terrain. Allow for the information to be observed from the new perspective and see what is present. The field is full of potential as it is not attached to outcome. You are.

 Reality is illusion based. If you allow for the information to express itself free of your limiting concepts of what is, shift can happen. Patterns can change. And you are freer to enjoy your emotions, whatever they may be. Feeling something is not the issue. We all feel stuff. What you do with the feeling is key.