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Monday, August 10, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Update/A state of Hold?

Hello Out There,

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I am in the state of Oregon. I am sitting here typing while on hold for the last ten minutes.  The elaborateness of the automated phone system is not too reassuring after all. There is no personal contact. I have no way to get ahold of who I need to talk with. I was forwarded to this place by a person in the system who was in the state of Missouri, USA. A nice person who wanted to help and sent me into oblivion. I have no idea where I am. The weak monotone Musak playing is not entertaining or reassuring.

Considering that I am on hold with the long distance service of AT&T I think it is cosmically
funny.This service, under the banner of AT&T is apparently not AT&T and requires a call to disconnect.I decide to hang up and call and enter the system again. Somehow my answers to the automated system connected me in a new way, a new state. Now I manage to talk with a real person who is in the state of Texas,USA where she says she knows lots of stuff and that I am automatically dropped from the long distance service that is no longer AT&T. So I can hang up knowing that all is well.

Differences in the state of Missouri and Texas would not seem much. It is in the people inhabiting them where it gets tricky. Different levels of perception and knowledge of how their system works and all the different components.

This would seem to be a great metaphor about consciousness and our internal processes. We have a body, a mind, a connection to what we call some sense of Source, different levels found in the intelligence of the body, and all the ways we inhabit being. Miscommunication can be anywhere in our thinking and there can be limits of knowledge. Shifting to heart centered awareness and our knowing can bring different results.

Knowing is information that comes to us through the right brain that is free of form. Knowledge
is information coming through the left brain as systems designs. Both are important but knowing
is connected to heart centered awareness.

We get stuck all the time. We get put on hold and forgotten within ourselves. We hold awareness
in different areas of our field. Let's think about flow. Where you make an internal call for information and it shows up in some way. When we get stuck it is often as a result of information not flowing somewhere else.

So maybe take some time to access your sense of the field of Unified Consciousness and see what
lines of communication are working and not working. Where do you feel lack of or leaks in
awareness? Can you feel the limits in awareness in some way?  Look at your issue and put it someplace. Now look around and see what catches your eye, your ear, some sense. Allow it to fascinate you and take your attention. Interact with it and just notice. Let it resolve in some way and let go. Know that all is well.